The Salem Hunting Club:
Founded in 1945 to preserve the natural resources of the region and keep its land and water free from waste materials.

For those that are looking to find the Salem Hunting Club, the new website is located at and there is also a Facebook page as well. Both of these locations will have a full listing of upcoming calendar events.

The annual dinner will again be at The Little Quaker Hall on Lincoln Avenue in Salem. Tickets for this event are extremely limited and any person that is interested in going should order them as soon as possible. The twenty dollar price tag will cover food and drinks as well as raffle prizes that will be given away throughout the evening.

Advertising space is available for purchase for only a limited time. A person or company that is interested in these offers can contact the Salem Hunting Club for more details.

There will be a seminar for the basic understanding of carrying a concealed weapon that is registering for students. Info can be found at the website and the course of programs will start on March 20th.

For students that are starting university in the fall, there is the potential to win the 2011 Lowell Iden and Larry Iler scholarship to their school of choice. Applications for the fund are on the website.

On April 2nd, the Salem Hunting Club will host a buffet breakfast with a suggested donation of five dollars. The meal lasts four hours and starts at seven in the morning.

Once again, the SHC will take part in the Annual Youth Day. This year, the festival will take place on May 22nd and marks the 29th year that the event has existed.

Salem will also be home to another Project Appleseed event coming up in July. In association with the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, the festival will take place on the ninth and tenth of the month.

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